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Crystal Meth effects have been described by users as having endless energy, no need to eat or sleep, super focus, productivity, and a feeling of euphoria. This drug puts the user's body into "overdrive" and causes numerous physical and psychological problems for the user. Crystal Meth stimulates the central nervous system and has a high potential for addiction.

Crystal Meth is taken orally, snorted, injected, or smoked. Immediately after smoking or intravenous injection, the user experiences an intense sensation called "rush" or a "flash". This sensation lasts only a few minutes and is described as being extremely pleasurable. Those who take crystal meth orally or snort it also experience a sense of euphoria. However, these methods of ingestion do not produce the same intense effects as is experienced by those who take the drug using other methods.

This drug belongs to the amphetamine family. Just like cocaine, Crystal Meth creates strong feelings of excitement in the user. However, Crystal Meth effects are longer lasting than the effects of cocaine and are one of the many reasons it has surpassed cocaine's popularity among drug addicts. A Crystal Meth high can also be compared to an euphoric flood, a complete body orgasm, and infinite energy. The most boring of tasks becomes a riveting experience when on this drug, even house-cleaning. These effects can last from 30 minutes to 12 hours.

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Someone who takes Crystal Meth in small doses will feel energetic, faster, more confident, and stronger. In time, these effects will diminish and the user takes a higher dose in order to experience the drug's euphoric effects again. As one continues to abuse crystal meth, they may become nervous and unpredictable, calm and friendly for a moment, then furious and threatening the next. Often the effects of Crystal Meth will cause the user to become delusional, paranoid, hostile, and feel rage. Another one of Crystal Meth's effects includes repetitive behavior. Someone who is on this drug may draw, write, apply and reapply makeup, or pick at their skin for hours on end.

Those who take a considerable amount of Crystal Meth over a long period of time will usually develop a kind of psychosis and paranoid behavior. They may hear voices or have strange delusions. For example, they may believe that people are talking about them or somebody is following them. The panic and acute psychotic condition created by Crystal Meth use are extremely dangerous. Effects of Crystal Meth may also lead to extremely violent behavior in the user, even in the most passive of and non-threatening of persons.

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