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As with nearly all drugs, there are numerous Crystal Meth side effects. The most common are insomnia, agitation, irritability, dry mouth, sweating, and heart palpitations. Also the user's body temperature increases, as does their breathing and heart rate. Additionally, their blood pressure is elevated and people with cardiac or blood pressure problems may cause further damage to their cardiovascular systems.

Crystal Meth side effects include behavioral problems, paranoia, and psychosis. These problems are experienced most often by users who have a predisposition to mental illness. The user's mood can become unpredictable. Mood swings, suspicion, anger, and depression are frequent side effects for those who abuse the drug regularly. Their relationships and general social interactions are negatively affected as well.

The most disturbing Crystal Meth side effects include the classic meth-user look of a wounded face and a collapsed jaw. Because this drug is similar to a super Sudafed, it dries out the user's skin completely. Addicts begin to believe they are suffering from "Crystal Meth lice". This leads to frantic scratching of the face using fingernails or any other tool such as tweezers. This process is a side effect generally known as picking. Picking can lead to serious self-inflicted wounds, especially in the face.

Another physical side effect of Crystal Meth use is rotten teeth and a collapsing jaw. This drug dries out the gum tissue and leads to grinding of the teeth and ultimately collapsing of the jaw inward. Other physical side effects of Crystal Meth include a flushed appearance, severe weight loss, boundless energy, deep sleep patterns, and excessive sweating.

Any form of drug misuse or addiction comes at a cost to the user and Crystal Meth is no different. Crystal Meth side effects can sometimes cause permanent life-altering changes. Work, relationships, and the ability to live day to day are affected. Crime, drug busts, restricted job prospects, visa denials, jail, and serious healthcare issues are just some of the many negative Crystal Meth side effects experienced by addicts.

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