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Methamphetamine, also commonly referred to as "Meth" for short or "Crank", is an extremely powerful stimulant drug which is a primary drug of abuse worldwide. Meth stimulates a portion of the brain that releases what is called dopamine, which is basically the "feel good" chemical which produces the high when one takes meth and also creates sexual arousal. Meth and sexual promiscuity therefore go hand and hand, and individuals who take meth typically go into sexual overdrive in terms of stimulation to have sex and lowered sexual inhibitions.

This can be dangerous of course, when one combines being high and not in one's right mind, with having an extremely heightened sex drive. Studies of meth users have found that not only do meth users report more sexual partners, but they are also less likely to use protection and more likely to have sex in order to obtain money or meth. These studies also found that meth users are more likely to engage in sexual activity with a meth user who injects the drug, and more likely to have contracted a sexually transmitted disease at some point in their lives.

So while meth is working to increase sex drive in users, it is also providing the individual with a boost of self-confidence, stamina, and adrenaline. Meanwhile, meth is also actively impairing one's judgment, and meth users do things while high on meth that they wouldn't normally do. The powerful brain chemicals caused by meth use causes individuals to drop their guard, and engage in unprotected sex. This can be particularly dangerous for meth users, as many hardcore meth addicts inject the drug. Injection meth users often share needles. So whether or not you inject meth, if you have unprotected sex with someone who does you are putting yourself at risk of several highly infectious diseases, most of which have no cure.

To compound the dangers of meth and sexual promiscuity, meth users often have extremely aggressive sex which can last for several hours. This type of sex increases the risk of the spread of infection and deadly viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis. Recent studies also cite that meth users may not only be predisposed to HIV, but users who are already infected with the virus may experience a rapid progression of the disease. Due to the fact that most meth users who are HIV positive don't take proper precautions or the proper medication to control the disease, they are more likely to develop full blown AIDS.

Meth and sexual promiscuity is particularly problematic in the gay community. Recent studies highlight this fact, reporting that meth use doubles the chances of men having unprotected sex with other men. Studies of meth use and promiscuity also found that meth use is associated with 18 times more unprotected anal sex among men who eventually test HIV-positive, as opposed to men who were HIV-negative. New York's gay community has seen a dramatic increase in HIV/AIDS infections, with an average of about 1,000 gay men becoming infected each year.

The spread of HIV/AIDS as a result of meth use is of course not exclusive to the gay community, nor is HIV/AIDS the only disease which has seen a rise in cases as a result of meth use. Meth use and promiscuity has been found to increase the chances of individuals contracting syphilis by 6-fold.For example, in Oregon where meth is often injected intravenously, state health officials report a rise in the number syphilis cases which they fear may lead to a rise in HIV cases.

The irony of meth and sexual promiscuity among males is the fact that meth use increases male sex drive while also making it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection. Long-term hardcore use of meth can ultimately lead to impotence, known in the gay community as "crystal dick". As a result of this, many male meth users often use meth in combination with erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, which is also associated with unprotected anal sex. The toxic combination of meth and Viagra can also raise blood pressure to extremely high levels which can cause a longer lasting erection which may create permanent damage. Taking Viagra in combination with meth also puts the individual at risk of a potentially fatal overdose, as both drugs raise blood pressure which could leave to a fatal stroke or heart attack. Some meth users may actually be able to maintain an erection and their sexual stamina for hours, without ever being able to reach a point of climax. So while meth users may use the drug to enhance sexual pleasure, long-term meth use can ultimately put an end to a healthy sex life altogether.

Studies have found that females metabolize meth differently than males, and therefore a women's sexual experience can differ from a male's experience and may affect their drive to have sex while on meth differently that males. For example, a recent study of the gender specific effects and drive to use the drug found that 23 percent of males as opposed to 14 percent of females reported using meth specifically to enhance sexual pleasure. In fact, 36 percent of females studied cited weight loss as the defining reason to use the drug.

Meth has also been found to be utilized as a type of date rape drug, due to the intense sex drive that users may ultimately experience when under the influence of the drug. Meth use clouds the judgment of unknowing individuals who can become somewhat sedated and involve in sexual activity they wouldn't normally get involved in. Again, these individuals are also putting themselves at risk of having unprotected sex which may result in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Women who do become pregnant and use meth during their pregnancy give birth to children who are at a significantly high risk of being born premature, are low birth weight, have heart defects, cleft lip disorders, and other health consequences which are very serious and life threatening.

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